Snowflake Camp

HH6. The Happy Hollisters at Snowflake Camp


The Happy Hollisters head to Canada to visit their grandparents for the yearly Trappers’ Carnival and end up joining the search for a missing dog trainer and some valuable Eskimo puppies. In addition to solving the mystery, they have great fun learning to ski and drive a dog sled.

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One day the Hollister children saw their grandparents on television. The show was featuring dog sled races during a yearly Canadian Trappers’ Carnival. Since the elder Mr. and Mrs. Hollister run a winter resort called Snowflake Camp in Canada, the children thought it would be a wonderful idea to ask their grandparents if they could visit them over the Thanksgiving vacation when the next Carnival would be starting. No one had any idea, while waiting for the invitation to arrive, that Snowflake Camp would turn out to be the trail’s end of a mystery which started in Shoreham. A mystery involving the children’s schoolteacher, her missing brother (a fine trainer of Eskimo dogs) and some valuable Eskimo puppies that appear then disappear from an abandoned barn near the Camp. The children have much fun preparing for their trip, and enjoy themselves as much as ever in their new and interesting surroundings. They learn to ski, drive a dog sled and solve a mystery in the land of deep snow and long cold winters. Here is another exciting adventure with this family of happy people whose unity and warmth is felt throughout their unusual experiences.

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