If you love The Happy Hollisters Series, these new hardcover editions are perfect for you and your children.

Written by Andrew E. Svenson under the Jerry West pseudonym, The Happy Hollisters books fit right beside other mystery novels such as Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys. What many people might not realize is that we’ve begun to reissue the stories in hardcover edition, with exclusive bonus material from the author’s archives. All 33 volumes in the series will be released by the end of the year!

The Happy Hollisters hardcover editions have already proven to be very popular. In case you’re debating which version to get, we’re going to look at some of the benefits of hardcover books in general, along with what you can expect from The Happy Hollisters hardcover novels.

Benefits of The Happy Hollisters Hardcover Books

Here are some benefits of hardcover books in general:

Protected from Wear & Tear

Perhaps the biggest benefit of hardcover books is that they won’t succumb to wear and tear quite so easily. The cover can take a bit of a beating, but the pages inside will remain intact and unharmed. Hardcover books are so durable that they typically last for many years—even decades—whether you put them on the shelf, store them in a box, or read them over and over again. The new Happy Hollisters hardcovers are printed with vibrant four-color matte laminate covers featuring the artwork from the original dustjackets. These sturdy and attractive covers can even be wiped clean with a damp cloth if they become sticky or soiled.

Looks Great on Your Shelf

The number-one reason that you purchase a book is obviously to read the story. But it never hurts for the book to look great on a shelf. To be honest, any book can look great if it’s taken care of, but there’s something special about hardcover books. They look a bit regal (for lack of a better term) and will help improve the appearance of whichever room they’re in. Our new Happy Hollisters hardcovers feature spines in a variety of colors to add a splash of rainbow brightness to your bookshelf.

Higher Quality Paper Stock

Publishers are dedicated to creating books that won’t fall apart and can be read repeatedly. Hardcover books often take it a step further by using a higher quality paper stock. This makes the pages more resilient to wear and tear. Together with the cover itself, this helps the entire book look fantastic and last longer. Happy Hollisters books are printed on heavy, 55-pound bright white paper stock, offering durability along with reading ease.

Benefits of Reading the Happy Hollisters

The Happy Hollisters is a wonderful mystery series for kids. Here are some of the benefits that children get from reading these classic novels:

Learn Problem Solving Skills

Reading The Happy Hollisters series is a great way for kids to learn about problem solving. After all, this is a mystery series for children, and one of the intentions is for the child to attempt to solve what’s going on within the story. The skills they learn from the Hollister family can be applied to their education and other facets of their lives.

Introduction to Other Cultures

It’s important that children be introduced to cultures other than their own when they’re young. The Happy Hollisters stories often take place in a new city, state, or country where new and exciting people will become a part of the mystery. Exposing kids to these additional cultures will help them be more cognizant of the world and people around them.

Learn All About Teamwork

While the Hollister family attempts to solve a mystery, they always work closely with each other. This teamwork is always necessary, in one way or another, for them to solve the mystery. Parents can help their kids identify how each member of the family is chipping in and teach them how they can use teamwork in their own lives.

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