Looking for a few ways to improve your child’s reading skills? Here are a few fun activities you can try together!

As a parent, you hold the keys to unlocking your child’s full potential in education. Among the crucial abilities that a child must master is reading. It’s a fundamental tool for gaining knowledge and a way to ignite their imagination, stimulate their curiosity, and foster a lifelong love of literature. You can engage in various activities that improve your child’s reading skills.

From mysteries that challenge their deduction skills to reading aloud to work on pronunciation, pacing, and expression, to focusing on sight words to improve their efficiency and understanding to setting aside reading time to encourage them to actively engage with the text and ask questions, the list goes on and on when looking for activities to improve reading skills.

With a commitment to reading and an array of exciting methods to explore, you can play a pivotal role in your child’s development as a reader. To help your child thrive as a reader, consider incorporating the following activities into your daily routine.

Solving Mysteries by Engaging Kids in Adventure

Immerse your young reader in the spellbinding realm of mystery books, where their reading comprehension will be put to the test. Allow them to embark on a journey of solving intricate and perplexing mysteries with an array of books from the masterful pen of author Andrew E. Svenson, who wrote The Happy Hollisters series under the pen name “Jerry West,” as well as many classic and widely adored Hardy Boys books. These tantalizing tales will enhance your child’s reading abilities and ignite a passion for books that will last a lifetime.

Reading Aloud is a Path to Perfect Pronunciation

Reading aloud is a valuable tool in your child’s reading development. This exercise can aid your child in refining their pronunciation, pacing, and expression. Encourage your child to read aloud to a sibling, a pet, a stuffed animal, or even you. This activity also strengthens bonding as you take turns reading a page together.

Empowerment via Sight Words

Sight words are the foundation of efficient reading, as they comprise the majority of the English language. To help your child master these familiar words, consider incorporating flashcards, sight word games, or scavenger hunts into your reading routine. These activities to improve reading skills will boost your child’s reading ability and foster their confidence.

Designated Reading Time is a Dedication to Reading Development

One of the most straightforward methods of improving your child’s reading skills is to set aside designated reading time. This daily routine can include both independent reading and shared reading with you. Whether it be before bed, after dinner, or during quiet time, creating a consistent reading schedule will help your child to make reading a habit.

Comprehending the Written Word

Reading comprehension is the key to understanding what one reads. To help your child engage actively with texts, encourage them to ask questions, connect to their experiences, and summarize what they have read.

Finding the Right Books

An essential step in improving reading skills is finding the right books for them. Encourage your child to read a variety of genres, including mystery series for kids, to solve the mystery and increase their love of books. A great place to start is with a classic children’s book series, such as The Happy Hollisters. The Happy Hollisters Trading Post Store and membership in The Happy Hollisters Book Club offer many options for stocking your home library with children’s mystery books.

Encouraging Your Child to Read Daily

Encouraging your child to read daily can significantly improve their reading skills and lead to a lifelong love of reading. One way to promote daily assignments is to designate a specific reading time, for example, 15 minutes before bedtime or as part of a bedtime routine. During this time, your child can focus solely on reading without distractions from technology or other activities.

Joining a book club

Joining a book club can also be a fun and educational way to improve your child’s reading skills. The Happy Hollisters Book Club and The Classic Hardy Boys Book Club offer classic children’s book series on a subscription basis to hook your child on reading and keep them engaged for many months.

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Parents play a crucial role in aiding a child’s growth as a reader. To enhance their reading skills, you can engage them in various activities to improve reading skills, such as solving mysteries with series like The Happy Hollisters and The Hardy Boys, reading aloud to work on pronunciation, pacing, and expression, focusing on sight words, setting aside designated reading time, and actively engaging with the text to improve comprehension.

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