Why are The Happy Hollisters the best choice for Christmas gifts for young readers?

For decades, The Happy Hollisters have been considered among the best kids’mystery book series. With a variety of stories perfect for children of all ages featuring mysteries that are both intriguing and exciting, you won’t find a better series around for your children or grandchildren.

The incredible tales of the Hollister family are also among the best books for Christmas gifts. Here are just a few reasons you should consider picking some of them up for this year’s holiday season:

Engage Critical Thinking Skills

Mystery series for children have a long history of engaging young readers around the world. The mysteries contained in every Happy Hollisters tale are filled with some type of puzzle involving clues your children will love piecing together and thinking about. This exercises their cognitive abilities as they navigate the story, pay attention to all the clues, and try to predict the ending. These are the gifts that will improve their intelligence and help them think outside the box. In other words, Happy Hollisters books are the gifts that keep on giving!

Old-Fashioned Values

The best books for children will always be those that not only entertain but are also presented in a good-natured manner. The Happy Hollisters has that in spades. Based in a simpler time of the 1950s, 60s, and 70s, each story contains family-values that will resonate with readers and their parents. The stories present learning opportunities for kids of all ages without ever being preachy.

There’s a Story for Everyone!

The Happy Hollisters have had their fair share of adventures and experiences over the decades. There are books with holiday themes, spooky tales, down-to-earth mysteries, and more! Your child will learn about different cultures and locations while visiting places like the beach, the western wilderness, or a winter carnival. Each story is vastly different from the next, but the themes of family and adventure always remain.

Improve Vocabulary

With all the technology that surrounds us, it’s now more important than ever for children to have a strong vocabulary. As the best books for Christmas gifts, The Happy Hollisters novels were written with that in mind. Your child will be introduced to new words and concepts that will strengthen their vocabulary and teach them valuable ideas. They may even pick up a bit of the retro slang their parents and grandparents used!

Contact The Happy Hollisters for the Best Books for Christmas Gifts

If you’re looking for the best books for Christmas gifts, the search is over. The Happy Hollisters are some of the most exciting children’s mystery book series that you’ll be able to find. You can even add them to a homeschool reading list in order to educate and entertain. Available in paperback and digital formats, this mystery series for children is the perfect stocking stuffer! If you have any questions about the series or you would like to learn about our book club membership, give us a call at (727) 945-7002 today.