Choose the Happy Hollisters Series for reading assignments.

Have you ever felt that getting the child in your life to complete their school reading assignments is a nearly impossible task? You’re not alone! We know reading assignments are an essential part of literacy development in children. Yet a child’s motivation can droop when they start getting interested in other activities and obligations.

The Happy Hollisters mystery book series for children is a terrific choice for a homeschool reading list where kids get to choose the books they read. A reading program that includes youth mystery novels can inspire children to read and increase their reading skills as they delve into thrilling plots and exciting adventures.

The Purpose of School Reading Assignments

Reading assignments are the gateway to children understanding not only the book in hand, but most other topics they cover in school. Whether they’re reading from a textbook, the blackboard, or a digital device, the ability to understand and put into context the written word is crucial to every subject including math, science, social studies, and overall critical thinking skills.

It’s undeniable that reading is important to general learning. There are additional benefits that serve a child for life, including:

  • Fostering imagination
  • Boosting creativity
  • Promoting critical thought

The engrossing tales in a children’s mystery book series also help a child develop strong reading skills, build self-confidence, and sharpen social skills.

For the Love of Reading: Mystery Series for Children

Research consistently shows that children who choose their own books become better, more passionate readers. The best kids’ mystery books have relatable characters and intriguing plots that kids want to return to over and again. The Happy Hollisters series also features a diverse collection of cultures, settings, and teachable moments which can broaden a child’s worldview. The family dynamics, which emphasize respect, strong sibling relationships, and character building, are timeless traits all parents and grandparents want to instill in their children.

Join the Club!

The Happy Hollisters may have made their first appearance more than six decades ago, but the book series has been reissued and remains a favorite, bringing hours of entertainment and adventure to young readers. Each exciting volume brings something new to a child’s imaginative life.

Whether it’s taking an exciting trip down the river, attending the yearly Trappers’ Carnival or meeting a famous movie star and getting roles in a movie, the adventures of Pete, Pam, Ricky, Holly, and Sue appeal to young readers who eagerly turn the pages to try and solve the mystery before the Hollister children do!

Want to give the young readers in your life something to look forward to every month? The Happy Hollisters Book Club membership brings a new volume straight to your child’s door. You can also purchase the entire selection of exciting mysteries in The Happy Hollisters store. The books are available as standalone titles, in specially curated sets of 3-12 volumes, or the complete 33 book collection. There are also Kindle Edition book versions and three audio books: The Happy Hollisters, The Happy Hollisters on a River Trip, and The Happy Hollisters at Sea Gull Beach.

We believe there’s simply no better way to foster a life-long reading habit than with this classic child mystery series that has stood the test of time! Contact the Happy Hollisters today to learn more about our book club membership or to discover new ways to inspire the love of reading in your child.