Share some unforgettable childhood memories with The Happy Hollisters.

Most of us have cherished books from childhood that left an impression on us growing up. Many of us think of them with the hope that one day we can share them with our children or grandchildren. A timeless, well-written “kids’ book” can instill values we carry with us into adulthood.

Still considered some of the best kids’ mystery books you can buy, The Happy Hollisters classic mystery series for children is a great way to help the child in your life create unforgettable memories. When you watch a child connect to a favorite book from your past, it can bring back a flood of happy memories from your own first time reading it!

Children’s Mystery Book Series

Adding a children’s mystery series to a homeschool reading list can be the pathway to a lifetime enjoyment of reading. Youth mystery novels are a fantastic way to introduce reading to children. They can also be paramount to their cognitive and emotional development. Plus, children’s mystery book series are a lot of fun!

If you have a young reader in your life, The Happy Hollisters series can inspire them to get lost in another world for hours—a world where integrity matters and the characters have loads of fun solving mysteries and learning valuable life lessons.

Unforgettable Childhood Memories

Do you recall a parent or grandparent reading bedtime stories to you while you cuddled your favorite stuffed animal? Did you love attending story time events at the library? Or maybe your teacher read a chapter a day over a period of weeks during circle time. Your favorite childhood memory of reading might even be teaching yourself to read! Whatever it was, we bet it was a magical time.

The Happy Hollisters children’s mystery book series has a lot going for it. These wonderful stories highlight valuable (yet often subtle) skills and lessons children can emulate at home and school. The familiarity of characters encourages kids to reread favorite volumes and experience new ones as they make their way through the series. Mysteries are fun to read, too, because kids can so easily put themselves in the role of the sleuth or the hero.

A great way to start fostering unforgettable childhood memories in the children you know is with one of The Happy Hollister book collections, such as the 3-book winter break collection or the 33-volume complete collection. In every volume, kids witness integrity and kindness in action while experiencing the thrill of:

Start Making Unforgettable Childhood Memories With Your Child

If you’re looking for a fun way to build childhood memories with your child, you can’t go wrong with The Happy Hollisters mystery series for children. It remains one of the most well-respected book collections for kids. Although the books were originally published between 1953 and 1969, the entire series has now been reissued, and these classic children’s books continue to thrill and delight modern generations.

A book club membership is a terrific way to encourage a child’s love of reading. Why not add your child to the list of more than one million girls and boys who have joined The Happy Hollisters Book Club? We believe there’s no better way to start building unforgettable childhood memories for the kids in your life. To learn more about our book club membership or to discover new ways to introduce your child to the love of reading, order your copies of The Happy Hollisters series today!